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Timesheet Template

Timesheet Template

Welcome to the website, a collection of free and high quality timesheet templates!

If you are a project lead, an individual project contributor, or an independent contractor looking for timesheet template to track accurately the labor hours spent on the daily, weekly or monthly basis, you’re at the right place.

In this website, we provide you with all kinds of timesheets that are very simple to use.

Nowadays, employees, contractors, project managers, and project individual contributors are required to fill out a timesheet to record time spent on daily activities or projects to help the business track the time accurately. For this reason, a timesheet template is considered a critical tool in the management toolkit.

Every organization has its own time recording method, so the template should be easy to customize to meet the business needs. For this reason, we designed our timesheets in the spreadsheet format that gives you an easy way to track your time efficiently.

A good timesheet template should provide the following essential information:

  • A list of tasks that you’ve completed each day, week, and month.
  • The time when the task was completed.
  • The number of hours spending on each task.
  • Overtime, Sick leave, PTO, etc.
  • For contractor or freelancer, the pay rate field is available and client information is also specified in the timesheet template.
  • For project management, project / task fields are available in the template for you to fill out.

Using our timesheet templates is an easy and yet cost-effective solution to your time tracking management challenge. These templates help you avoid incurring the costs using expensive time tracking software online.

Start browsing the following timesheet templates and get the best one that suits your business needs. Please feel free to customize it to make it work for your business.