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Contractor Timesheet

Are you a contractor looking for high-quality timesheet template to track your working hour better? we have prepared a list of professional contractor timesheet templates for people like you.

As an independent contractor, you will be difficult to find professional and inexpensive timesheet if you just starting out. To help you avoid paying for subscribing to an expensive online document service, we give you a list of free timesheet templates.

As a contractor, it is important for you to record your working hours accurately to ensure that you get paid correctly.

Contractor timesheet template information

The contractor timesheet template has three sections:

  • The header section allows you to fill out your name and the billing company.
  • The detail section provides a table that you can add working days and hours. The total hours automatically based on the data you provided.
  • The footer section gives you and the manager spaces to sign off.

How to use the contractor timesheet templates

To use the timesheet template, you need to download and open the template in Excel.

It is a best practice to fill out the header section and save the template as your new template per client. This helps you save time to enter the same information for a specific client again.

Sign the timesheet as a consultant and ask for the signature of the client manager.